What We Do

Do you and your team want to be happily engaged at work? Would you like to build on your strengths and those of your staff to create the highest performing practice possible?

Rather than offering assistance in only one aspect of your practice, Engaged helps you find, train, and retain the right talent to build a high-performing team, stay relevant in the current market by standing out from your competitors, and ultimately grow your practice.

Orthodontists today find themselves in a changing economy and in increasingly competitive markets. We strive to help orthodontic practices succeed by improving employee engagement, customer service, and productivity. We use proven methods to reduce stress in your practice and increase new-patient starts and referrals.

Multiple Ways to Partner with Engaged

We do not believe in one-size-fits-all consulting contracts. Instead, we have comprehensive, maintenance, and project-specific options to ensure we are providing exactly what assistance each of our clients needs.

Comprehensive Consulting

Whether you are starting a brand-new practice or wanting to grow your existing one, Engaged can assist you in every aspect of your business.

Maintenance Agreements

Once the proper team members and processes are in place, we can continue to monitor the effectiveness of each part of your practice to ensure it is working as seamlessly and profitably as possible.

Project-Specific Contracts

We don’t just offer all-encompassing, take-it-or-leave-it contracts. If you have only one or two areas that you would like to improve, we can assist you on a per-project basis.


Whether you are laying the groundwork for a brand-new practice or are looking to improve your existing processes and grow your patient list, we can help.