Client Reviews

“Our office has been working with Engaged PGS for four years now, and they have been nothing short of amazing! There is not a single aspect of my practice they have not touched...from financial to clinical. My team has grown by leaps and bounds. Perhaps, most important, has been utilizing Gallup's strengths research in order to help us build a strengths-based team. Our team is more productive, engaged, and confident in their abilities. Engaged has also been instrumental in recruiting new talent, and coaching and integrating new team members. We love the group workshops that we have and look forward to continuing to grow and be happy at work!”


"Engaged has just been amazing! I had worked with consultants before, but never with a firm that focuses on my team’s strengths. My staff has learned so much about themselves, and I have learned about myself too. Other doctors have asked how I got my staff to buy into the Engaged philosophy, but I really haven’t had to do anything. Once you start tapping into the strength of people and they see how much they can contribute to the practice, it just opens up a whole new world of empowerment. Working with Engaged has reduced my stress level and increased our productivity and patient starts. My only regret is that I didn’t start working with them sooner!"

— Dr. Danielle Periago

"A combination of over 20 years in orthodontic sales and management, plus a great business sense gives Vicki Newell an edge over every other consultant I have ever met or interviewed.  She has helped make our office more productive, and increased revenue by 10% in less than six months! In a humane and kind way she has improved the morale of the staff, and took the lead in making enhancements in the following areas: Scheduling Efficiency, Name Branding/Marketing, Patient Flow, Clinic Efficiency, Staff Development, Office Design, and Office Policy Manual. The only regret...I should have hired them many years ago!"

— Dr. Seema Dhingra


“She knows orthodontic practices inside and out. Vicki gets Ziegler Practice Transitions’ 100% approval!”



“I don’t know of anyone who better understands Orthodontic Office Systems or their implementation.”


“The top 3 accomplishments in my practice have been: 1) implementation of a new hiring process that has been instrumental in us adding high quality, professional, career-oriented employees who are happily engaged and efficient with their duties.  2) Implementation of a new schedule that has lead to us running on time, finishing our days on time, and less stress for both doctor and staff throughout the day. 3) Identification of the top strengths of each individual team member and employing those strengths so that that employee can best serve our team to provide the best experience and care for our patients.”


"Vicki has been working with our practice over the last year. Her positive influence has broken down the walls of a truly divided office! She has influenced the thinking of our entire staff (Dr. too) in the right direction and is genuinely making a difference in our practice by assisting us in procedure and schedule changes as well as guiding and coaching us on working together as a united team. She and her organization are the real deal!! Whether they are consulting or coaching, the changes they promise will come to fruition!!! Vicki has made a lasting impression on me, my fellow staff members and my Dr.  She is someone who I hope will be in my life for many years to come!!"

— Emily, FDC


Whether you are laying the groundwork for a brand-new practice or are looking to improve your existing processes and grow your patient list, we can help.