Create a strong orthodontic team using your staff's strengths

What a Strengths-Based Team Is and Why Every Orthodontist Needs One

We are in the business of growing orthodontic practices. Depending on the client, this could mean growth in terms of production via new case starts, building and growing just the right team for the client’s practice, growth of systems and processes, brand recognition and beyond. Regardless of how a client is trying to grow their practice, the common denominator is people. To a grow a business, we have to focus on growing people, including the doctor!

People Come First, Not Starts

Zig Ziglar once said, “You don’t build a business – you build people – and then people build the business.” This is our core belief and it guides all of our work with our clients. Building outstanding orthodontic practices requires a commitment and investment in the entire team. We see a heavy focus on increasing starts as a measure of success. This is no doubt important. In the short-term, increased starts appear to be a measure of success. But, without sustained investment in orthodontic teams and systems to support the growth, the success is short-lived.

Invest in Your Orthodontic Team

Organic and sustainable practice growth happens naturally when doctors invest in their teams. We foster strengths-based cultures in orthodontic practices across the country. A strengths-based culture is one that creates happily engaged employees. Each member of the team is working from their own core strengths and in concert with the strengths of the other people on their team. Increased employee engagement is a proven method of delivering excellent clinical care, top-notch customer service, and an overall boost in productivity.

Viewing practice growth through this lens is a surefire way to build your business in a sustainable and lasting way. Our strengths-based practices routinely outperform their competition. For true success, stop focusing solely on growth of starts and start focusing on growing your people. Increased productivity will naturally follow!