Build a strong orthodontic team to make your practice grow

Need More Starts in the New Year? Employee Engagement Is the Bottom Line

What if I told you increasing employee engagement in your practice would lead to increased production? Most people have a vague idea of what engagement means but they likely don’t know engagement is measurable like any of your other practice analytics. We can measure employee engagement using Gallup’s Q12 inventory. Just like measuring your practice analytics, you must also measure employee engagement. There is a direct correlation between increased engagement, increased case starts, and overall practice growth and profitability.

There is a reason that many of the world’s most successful companies are strengths-based. Top companies want to attract top talent. Companies that invest in their people become sought-after employers. Most people, regardless of industry, want more than a paycheck from their job. People want to feel more deeply connected to what they do. So, how do we create a work culture that is appealing to today’s employees?

Focus on the Strengths of Your Orthodontic Team

First, we focus on employee strengths. A strengths-based workplace is a workplace where employees are engaged. Long-standing research proves engaged workplaces are more productive, more profitable, have increased customer satisfaction, less turnover and absenteeism, and higher quality work product. In fact, the research shows a better than 20% increase in productivity and profitability.

While there are many ways to increase case-starts, increasing employee engagement is a key method for doing so. The advantages to starting with strengths and building an engaged culture are that the changes are lasting and not solely dependent on a given marketing campaign or cookie-cutter treatment coordinator training.

Our clients build unique, strength-based teams that realize tremendous growth over time. Their patients can see and feel the difference when they walk in the door. That’s something that can’t be bought in a weekend course or a marketing campaign. If you’re not actively working on engagement in your practice, the good news is that you have extensive untapped potential for growth!